Santa, as you all know, wants only the best for his legions of helpful elves and reindeer. During the off months when the elves are busy researching and building all the latest toys for the world’s good girls and boys, Mr. Claus is also a bit type A when it comes to cleaning and he likes to run a tight ship. So, he only wants the very best in cleaning products to keep his home and office (shop) clean year round. Let’s look at what we think that dear old Saint Nick would want to see under his Christmas tree (after he’s done delivering all of our presents, of course!)


Natural Cleaners

When it comes to the best, that means that you have to choose what’s best for the environment and for getting the job done around the house when you need it. That’s why Santa put Mrs. Meyer's All-Purpose Cleaner on his wish list this year. This is a great all-purpose cleaner that you can use all around the house without feeling guilty about its possible effects on the environment because it uses a naturally derived formula to keep your house smelling lemon fresh and clean!


High Tech Gadgets

Santa is nothing if not obsessed with the latest in technology trends and that means that he just loves anything high tech that can help him keep his shop and home looking sparkly because, let’s be honest, he’s a busy man and he needs a break sometime. For his home’s carpets, he is asking for the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S because it’s sleek, slim, and quiet and won’t keep him or his elves up at night while it’s busy sweeping the floors in the kitchen and around the toy workshop.

Speaking of Santa’s workshop, what workshop is complete without a handy portable power washer? Santa has been eyeing the K1900R SC electric pressure washer by Karcher. This kit has everything you need to clean every grimey outdoor surface in Santa’s home and shop and reindeer stable! It offers a whopping 1,900 PSI of pure washing power and even comes complete with the 11” surface cleaner adapter to help you power wash tough floor level surfaces in minutes. 

Santa doesn’t have time for cords these days, so he’s looking for the modern man’s power gadget that will help him vacuum up dirt and grime without getting tangled. He’s wishing for the Black & Decker Powerseries Pro cordless vacuum under his tree this year. Since Mrs. Claus has a pretty bad case of seasonal allergies, he is going to need the allergen fighting technology of the Powerseries Pro. It comes with special pet hair attachments to help with all of the reindeer hair that gets tracked into the house. 

Forget mopping! Santa is usually jolly, but he gets less and less jolly the more he has to mop with his centuries old mop and bucket. He is wishing this year for something high tech that will make mopping by hand a thing of the past. That’s why Rudolph (the reindeer) got him something extra special, the Braava jet M6 robot mop by iRobot. This puts the smart into smart-mop and will automatically mop your hard flooring surfaces in your house and will even dump its waste-water for you. Santa will be so excited!


Whatever you wish for this year, we hope that you have a happy and fun holiday season with your family and friends!