Trying to get your kids to help you clean up around the house can be hard sometimes. However, with these top three cleaning games your kids may be inspired to help you out a little more around the house. So instead of focusing on the dreaded task of chores, next time you clean play a few games that help make cleaning fun! Try implementing these tips and tricks into your cleaning routine and make chore time a little more fun for the entire family.

Game #1 Musical Chores

Remember playing musical chairs as a kid? You would walk around the chairs until the music stopped. Well, musical chores is the same concept except you clean while the music is on. So, select an area of your home you’d like to have the kids clean and turn on your favorite tunes. Explain to your kids you are going to play one, two, or three songs depending on what tasks need to be done. Have your kids start cleaning and tell them the music may stop periodically and they must stop and freeze. When the music is back on again and they can continue cleaning! Check the progress they are making during the songs and provide them with positive feedback each time you stop the music. Hopefully, they can complete the task after a few songs or continue the game until they’ve finished cleaning. Be sure to select some fun tunes that will help motivate your kids and keep them moving and having fun.  

Game #2 Chore Treasure Chest

Create a chore calendar with various chores listed out. This can be anything from cleaning your room to various tasks like making your bed, putting your laundry in the dirty basket or putting laundry away, etc. For every task you see the kids complete provide them with a sticker or a smiley face. Then let the kids’ cash in their stickers or smiley face at the end of the week and let them select a prize from the treasure chest. Also, you can determine the number of stickers or smiley faces they need in order to be able to cash them in for a surprise. Be sure to let your kids know that the chores or tasks they need to complete on the chart must be done without having to ask them to do the chores listed. Finding fun ways to reward your kids at the end of the week can be fun and surprising for the entire family. Stock the treasure chest with simple inexpensive items from the Dollar Store or their favorite candy or treats like fruit snacks, rice crispy treats, etc.  Surely, they will want to help clean up knowing a reward is in sight at the end of the week. 

Game #3 Superhero Cleaning

Let your kids become superheroes and come to the rescue of tidying up your home.  This can be fun for your kids to act in character and have some fun while doing their chores. Simply create a bag of fun superhero masks, caps, or costumes. When it’s time to clean let your kids pick out their favorite. Then explain the tasks you are going to accomplish and set a timer. Have the kids race around the house acting like their favorite superhero, cleaning as they go. It’s okay to stomp around like the Hulk and jam the laundry into the basket or act like Superman or Superwoman pretending to save the day by putting the folded clothes away. Whatever superhero your kids choose and whatever task they are accomplishing they are sure to have fun while working quickly to help you clean up. Kids should love this game because after all, a superhero really wants to save the day and never let anyone down…right? 

We hope these fun games will help motivate and inspire your family to make chore time fun. Teaching your children to help you tidy up is a big job but with a few helpful tricks and games you are sure to have everyone laughing and having fun while you work together.