There is one household appliance that is a go-to for all things quick and tasty, the microwave. From popping corn to thawing frozen foods, the mighty microwave has been a staple of the modern kitchen since the mid 1970’s. This small box takes on some of our messiest jobs. And while most people use the microwave at least once a day, most people do not clean their microwave even once a month. That means all our spills and splatters keep getting crisped more and more into the interior. When you finally get to the point that your microwave looks like a horror film set then it's time to roll up your sleeves, get the gloves, and clean the microwave. 

The first step is removing the rotating plate and trivet that supports the plate. Found in most common microwaves, the interior plate takes a big bulk of the gunk and grit. Take that plate right to the sink and give it and the trivet it rotates on a good clean. Many people like to put these in the dishwasher too. If it really is that messy, then it's probably not too bad an idea. However, a good thorough wipe down with hot water and some vinegar based cleaning agent should be able to get the job done and save some space in your dishwasher. The secret to microwave cleaning success is next!

Cleaning the inside of the microwave is among the most dreaded kitchen jobs. However, we have a foolproof method for cleaning microwaves that is effective and green. At 208 Cleaning we always strive for economical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. While you can go out and buy microwave cleaners from anywhere from five to twenty bucks, we like our method best. Our method avoids the price and chemicals of most store bought cleaners, while delivering a beautiful like-new microwave. 

Pour one cup of warm water in a microwave safe dish. Slice one orange, lemon, or lime into wedges. Squeeze the juice out into the water and add the remaining slice to the water. Add a couple of tablespoons of apple cider or white vinegar to the water as well. Place the bowl in the dirty microwave and microwave on high for ten to fifteen minutes (time may vary based on your microwave’s power settings), until the water is boiling and the interior of the microwave looks like it is full of steam. Now the bowl and the microwave itself are going to be steaming hot so do not open it for at least five minutes to let the steam and heat do its job, as well as providing time for the bowl to be safe to handle. 

That is it, all of the hard work is done. Now simply open the microwave and wipe down the inside with a clean sponge. No longer does microwave cleaning need to be a long dreaded chore, and no more stinky chemical cleaners keeping you out of the kitchen. This tried and true method will get your microwave spick and spam and smelling fresh and citrusy. Just remember to wipe the interior roof of your microwave, often forgotten and victim of the most splatters. We hope these tips help you keep it clean and green! Need a little help getting the rest of the house in order? Give us a call! We are here for all your residential cleaning needs.