The summer season is upon us! Swimsuits, campouts, BBQ’s and drive-in movies galore! While we all love summer, this is also the season of bug bites, sunburns, and the constant shout of, “Shut the door!” Whether you were born in a barn or not, summertime brings kids, pets, roommates, and partners playing in the sprinklers, running through the mud, and bringing the sand from the beach right into the house with them. If you're pulling your hair out trying to stay on top of messy floors during the summer here are a couple of helpful tips that might make your summer a little more fun and a little less mess. 

Cleaning Station

One of the most commonly used doors is the back door. After your little ones have run through the lawn and mud they make a bee-line for the back door and usually head straight to the freezer for a popsicle. While we can still remember the joy of ice cold treats on the hottest days and we want our kids to have the same fun, we would love to minimize the mess to our homes. A cleaning station is a great solution for kids needing to come in and out of the house. A simple spray bottle filled with water is a fun and easy way for kids to spray their feet off and get their toes cleaned before they hit your floors. A couple of towels positioned right next to it are perfect to dry those feet off and prevent soggy carpets and slippery hard floors. This is a great solution and kids love that it is fun, easy, and just for them.


Growing up we always envisioned in the future there would be a machine to clean everything. While we are still hand washing certain clothes and wiping up spills and splats, many of us wonder why tech has not caught up with cleaning. It seems like there is nearly an app for everything these days, so where is our app to clean up after kids in the summer? Well, technology may finally be catching up. Independently functioning vacuums and mops have been on the market for a few years now. However, the past couple of years has seen the availability and diversity of machines increase. As these have become more common the cost has become much more reasonable. Now you really can just sit back and touch an app and let a machine suck up the sand from the carpet, or mop up water from the tile floor. These means you get to spend more time throwing water balloons and having ice cream and less time stressing over unending summer messes. 

Don't let the mess that comes along with summer put too big a damper on your opportunity to enjoy the season and all the fun it has to offer. Going from camping to BBQs to outdoor concerts, it can be a challenge to stay on top of all the housework that comes along with the fun. We hope these suggestions bring more time for fun in the sun. However, nothing beats having a beautifully and professionally cleaned house to enjoy in the summer months. Give 208 Cleaning a call and let us keep your home clean all summer long.