It’s still winter and the weather is either wet and cold, windy and cold, or just plain cold. Enjoying the great outdoors is a little less fun, especially if you’re not looking to get cold or wet while you do it. Since most of us in the Treasure Valley have been forced indoors this winter, let’s explore some fun family friendly activities that you can do all while staying in the warm embrace of the great indoors (except when you’re leaving from the car to the front door, we can’t help you there!)


Bounce Around Indoors

You can have a ton of fun indoors at Altitude, Boise’s best trampoline park. They offer kids and families a great place to spend time indoors this winter away from the freezing rain and snow. Since it’s more difficult to get your regular physical activity during the winter time, Altitude helps you and your kids stay active while having a blast indoors. They offer over 30,000 square feet of trampoline fun, but have so much more! They also have an aerial stunt bag, a warped wall obstacle (as seen on the popular American Ninja Warrior television program), an arcade-like “reaction wall” where you can test your skills on exciting games, and so much more! You and your kids will have a blast and be able to burn off that excess winter energy at the same time. 


Winter Water Wonderland

What do lizards, sharks, and exotic birds all have in common? They’re all found at the beautiful Boise Aquarium! The Boise Aquarium has over 250 species of animals ranging from the desert dwelling reptiles to the sea fairing sponges of the deep. You and your kids can explore all of the exhibits either on their own (with your supervision, of course) or with a guided tour. You can purchase goodie bags of food and treats for the wildlife and can feed the fish and other animals treats as you visit them. Head over to the ray pool to get up close and personal with delightful and playful bat rays, diamond rays, and the enchanting California Butterfly Ray. 


Board Games To Try And Buy!

You’ve heard of a family board game night, but what about a family board game night on a large scale in a fun environment? Take the family to a local game shop like All About Games on Overland or ABU Games off of Cole road near the Aquarium and enjoy a board game night like no other. Both stores have tons of room to set up and play (and they also offer great snacks and treats if you’re hungry) but at All About Games, you can also rent a board game from their selection of over 100+ unique games for rent. Ever wanted to try “Ticket to Ride” or “7 Wonders” or “Forbidden Island”, but never wanted to shell out the $$ to buy them before trying them for yourself? Well now you can rent all of those and more for only $3 for a night or $8 for a whole week. Plus, every Tuesday night is the store’s special in-house board game night from 5pm to 11pm every week. Come on by and check it out and try something new and fun for the whole family.