Are you having guests over this holiday season? Whether they are just dropping by for Thanksgiving or Christmas or any other holiday dinner, or they are spending a few nights, you’ll want to impress your guests and make them feel welcome in your home. Of course, you’re going to clean every room and get the well trafficked living areas looking great, but there are some commonly overlooked places to clean that many people forget. If you’re having picky or hard to impress guests over, then they will be looking and snooping around to see if you have cleaned in every conceivable place. Believe us, if there is a flaw to be found, an in-law will find it! Let’s look at a few places that you will want to keep in mind as you’re cleaning your house for guests this holiday season. 


Dust Your Books

That’s right. Dust your books. Not just the bookshelves, but dust the spines and the tops of your books. You may even want to pull out your books and give each one a good dusting and then put them back after dusting off the empty shelf. Dust the shelves all you want, but the books themselves will always collect dust and dirt. And, while you’re there why not read an old favorite?


Clean Under Your Kitchen Sink

Guests will always be poking around the kitchen looking for snacks and trash bags or any other random thing while you’re not looking. If your area under the sink is very dirty and grimy, they will absolutely judge you for it! Don’t forget to clean out that area at least once per year to keep it looking great for prying eyes.


Clean Your Potted Plants And Pots

We often dust and clean around our potted plants, but we rarely think to clean the pots and the plants themselves. Make sure your plants are well dusted and that the pots are spot free and not dusty. People will notice!


Clean Inside Your Cupboards 

Next time you’re putting dishes away, why don’t you just pull out all of the remaining glasses in your cupboard and dust and clean the insides of your cupboard? Over time it can build up grime and dust. While you’re in there, why not toss a few old mugs and mismatched glasses and bowls that you never use? Or donate them to the nearest thrift store as well. It is the season for giving after all!


Clean And Dust Your Doors

Again, the doors themselves are often overlooked in the daily and weekly cleaning regimen, but you will want to give your doors some TLC this season. Make sure they are dusted and free of spots and marks and that the handles aren’t greasy or sticky or otherwise out of whack, especially if you have kids! Your guests will thank you.


Clean Under Your Car

Forget a regular car wash, you will have to do this yourself, but it is worth it. Make sure you get a bunch of rags that you can just toss and scrub down the underside of your car, including the wheel wells. Dust from the road builds up there and can make an otherwise clean car look dirty in an instant.