There is nothing quite like the summer months in Idaho. The flowers are in bloom, the trees are lush with green, and the days are longer to pack in more fun. There is one potentially ugly side to the strong summer sun. Nothing quite highlights the dinge and dirt on a window like the light of the afternoon sun. If you are turning your head away from the views to avoid unsightly streaks and stains on your windows, it's high time to tackle this window cleaning chore. What seems like the simplest of jobs can actually be quite challenging to even the most diligent cleaners. Many people keep their curtains drawn because when they try to clean their windows they only make the problem worse. No need to throw out the towel and give up on your windows just yet. Here are a couple of pro tips to get you back to basics and make your windows crystal clear and sparkling clean. 

Cleaning Solutions

The first step is choosing your window cleaning solution. The market is full of window cleaning mixes and solutions that promise streak free cleaning and sparkling shine. While the store bought products are fine we still recommend a homemade solution. A simple mixture of one part white vinegar to two parts warm water is an ideal mix that works like a charm when mixed up in a spray bottle and costs next to nothing.

Cleaning The Inside of the Window

First wipe down the windows from top to bottom using a clean microfiber washcloth soaked in warm water with a couple of drops of dish soap. Be sure not to forget the window frame as well. Then spray your store bought or homemade cleaning solution on the windows starting at the top and working your way down. Working your way from the top to the bottom and using a z shaped motion, wipe the cleaning solution away using a lint free towel or the black and white pages of a newspaper. If it doesn't look awesome on the first wash do not fret, just repeat the process. Most dirty windows require at least two cleanings back to back to get all the layers of dust and grime washed away.

Cleaning the Outside of the Window

Washing the outside is just as important as the inside, however, many times not quite as simple. If you are dealing with high up windows, use caution when cleaning on a ladder and consider hiring the pros for those hard to reach jobs. The first step is the same here, a first cleaning. The outside of your windows will likely have more dirt, grime, and potentially bird droppings as well. Plastic spatulas can be a helpful tool to get at hard to remove stains. Never use anything metal on your windows as you may create scratches and scrapes on the glass. Next apply the window cleaner and wash the windows in the same manner as before. It is best to clean the outside of your window on a cool dry day. On hot days the cleaning spray will dry away before you are able to wipe it off, causing unsightly streaks. Don't forget to wipe down and spray off the screen too. 


Enjoy a clear clean view from your freshly cleaned windows and welcome the summer sun and spring time views into your home. If you have too much to do and don't have the time or desire to clean your windows, remember the professional team at 208 Cleaning is here to pick up the slack. From commercial to residential and everything in between, the 208 Cleaning team is ready to tackle the job.