The leaves are changing, the sun is going down a little bit earlier and we can almost imagine wearing sweaters and jackets again. The beginning of fall means that it's back to school time as our kids transition from days at the pool to days behind the desk. The return to school also means that your kids will be carrying in all types of germs and bacteria from school straight to home. Tired of the merry go round of sniffles and sneezes that school time always brings? Staying on top of all of this and keeping your home and kids as clean and protected as possible can seem like another impossible job on top of all the other home chores you have. Just know you are not alone. Keep up that healthy schedule of sanitizing and when you need a break give the pros a call and let us take some of it off of your hands (and off of your floors).

A few well planned modes of attack can keep germs and bacteria in check and you and your family healthy throughout the coming season. The first area of focus is keeping clean and utilizing disinfectant. 

We all remember when the store shelves were bare when it came to shopping for disinfectant. Luckily those days are far behind and there are now a plethora of options for cleaning and disinfecting. From wipes to small bottles of hand disinfectant, there are lots of options available now. We recommend finding one of these products that work for you and your kids and keeping some in their backpack so they can keep their hands cleaned throughout the day. It is more important than ever to ensure that our kids know how to keep their hands clean and keep germs away while at school. If you want to be sure you are covering all of your bases the CDC has a great guide to handwashing for the kiddos. On top of keeping their hands clean, have your kids give their binders and backpack a good disinfecting once a week to ensure you are keeping all those bad germs at bay. 

These are best practices that should be utilized for any time, but could not be more important during the current rise in COVID. Placing a high importance on keeping clean and being aware of potential risks will help you sleep a little easier. Being aware of risks does not mean that you and your kids still cannot enjoy the new school season and coming fall fun. Being vigilant and keeping up best practices are the best ways to keep you and your family safe and prepared and a great first step to a successful school year. 

There is no better time to treat your home to a professional cleaning than at the change of season. Get rid of the traces of summer pollen and dust and start the fall off clean and ready by calling the team at 208 Cleaning Co. and scheduling your home cleaning today.