Not all of us can afford to have swimming pools built into our backyards. The kids love sprinklers but only to an extent. What became of the slipping slides of yesteryear? We all endured those bruises and may not like to pass that heritage off to our little ones, fun as that was.

Thankfully the City of Boise offers many wonderful pools.  Glorious, well-kept pools. The oldest and most renowned is the Natatorium. It once existed as an indoor pool fed by natural hot springs, but a windstorm took it out during the Great Depression.  

According to the City of Boise, 

The Boise Natatorium—the Nat—was opened in May 1892 as a destination recreation center at the eastern end of a trolley line that would run on Warm Springs Avenue from downtown. The Moorish Revival style of the building easily communicated that the activities inside would be "something completely different" for the busy, hardworking citizens of Boise.

Among the  attractions was a 125-foot-long swimming pool, geothermally heated, and an artificial waterfall that fell over a 40-foot lava rock diving. Swimmers could also plunge into the pool from a copper slide, which stood two stories high. “The resort offered diversions for the whole family: dining room, clubrooms, saloon, gymnasium, baths, dance floors, card rooms and a tea room.”

Eventually, the steamy moisture in the Nat caused its wooden beams to rot, and tragically during a 1934 windstorm, a beam collapsed. There were no injuries, it closed down the original Natatorium and the geothermal water was cut off. Eventually, the City of Boise opened the pool as an outdoor swimming pool, and it remains today and includes a large, green waterslide: the notorious “Hydrotube.” Private parties can be held, by reservation, on Sunday evenings.

The legacy of Boise was established at this historical site and continues elsewhere. Besides the Natatorium, there are a few other cool, blues gems about town that you can enjoy:


Ivywild Pool, located at 2250 S. Leadville Avenue offers a refreshing retreat during the summer months. It features two drop-off slides, a windy slide, a concession stand, and a separate wading pool, with smaller slides,  for children under six accompanied by an adult. Like the Natatorium, if you’re looking for a unique venue, Ivywild Pool is also available for private rentals for events like family reunions or birthday parties.

Borah Pool

Borah Pool also offers  a refreshing escape. Located at 801 Aurora Dr., it features 2 diving boards, a basketball hoop, and a small slide for kids under 6. Also check out the splash pad!

Fairmont Pool

Fairmont Pool in Boise, located at 7929 W. Northview St., offers plenty of deck space for lounging, a grassy area, a large shallow end, and even a basketball hoop. They also have a fun inflatable slide called the Wibit.

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