With the dawning of a new year comes the list of resolutions and remedies to make the next year better than the one before. We all know it won’t take much to make this coming year better than 2020. Promises to exercise, diet, and save are all noble and important to be the best you in 2021. However, we believe that the goal to start the new year clean, de-cluttered, and organized is the best gift you can give yourself for a great year ahead. 

The toughest part of organizing for many is simply where to start. No need to get overwhelmed! We hope the following tips and suggestions help you reach your organizing and cleaning goals and position you for a more productive and satisfying year ahead.

Pick A Starting Place

The magnitude of considering organizing your entire house can overwhelm you before you even start. To combat this, we recommend you take a simple step by step or place by place approach to start. With many of us working from home, the office has now become an important room in the house. We recommend starting with your workspace. Good Housekeeping has put together a great list of ideas for organizing your workspace to maximize productivity and functional style. We love their ideas for how to best organize all of your work materials in smaller spaces. Once you have one area organized the feeling of accomplishment will motivate you to move to the next spot to organize. 

Clean Your Closets

We recommend the next space you attack after your home office is your closets. These rooms are like magnets attracting boxes of things to be stuffed and stored and never seen again. However, these rooms also provide great potential for creating more organized homes. Bob Villa and his team from This Old House have some great DIY ideas for organizing your closet and maximizing space. Going through clothes can be the toughest challenge. Professional attire is expensive and the idea of just throwing it out seems wasteful. However, those clothing items can make a positive change in someone’s life. Donating to groups like Dress For Success can give new life to your old clothes and get them out of our house, all while helping someone else. 

Pantry Perfection

The closet is always a tough spot to get just right, so when you have that area the way you want it, move on to your kitchen pantry. House Beautiful has a list of over 20 suggestions to organize your pantry and make the most out of that space. Get all of your spices and food where you need them to make your kitchen function with ease and cooking a breeze. 

Bring the new year in with organization and tidy spaces that have purpose and function. Going through all of your rooms to declutter and organize is no easy task. The benefit a new organized and de-cluttered house will bring to your life is well worth the effort.  Need some help on the cleaning front? Give us a call for a free quote!