While we were all busy spring cleaning every nook and cranny in the house this year, we were forgetting to take some time to clean the air itself as well. Well, worry no more! Here’s how you can use the natural air-purifying power of beautiful houseplants to help keep your home’s air cleaner and fresher all year long. 

Aloe Vera

What’s NOT to love about this plant? Not only does aloe help you with your minor burns like sunburns, but it can also help with your digestive health and even can help heal and reduce acne. It really is a wonder plant! Well, besides using aloe vera gel for all of those things, you can also use the plant itself as a powerful natural air purifier that will help your home’s air quality improve. 

English Ivy

This is an easy to maintain plant that also is a powerhouse when it comes to air quality. It has been shown to reduce airborne allergens like pollen, mold, and even pet feces. Put a few of these around the house, especially in rooms where the pets tend to congregate. You’ll be glad you did!

Snake Plant

Whoops, that’s not a typo! That’s a real plant. Even though it has a scary name, don’t let it fool you. It can help you breathe easier as it is known to remove toxins from the air like xylene and formaldehyde. This plant likes some sun and only needs to be watered every few weeks. If you live in a dryer climate, this plant tends to thrive. 

Weeping Fig

Don’t cry for this plant, as it can help you filter out known toxins like benzene, which is a toxin found in glues and paints. It is pretty hardy, but needs some care. It likes plenty of indirect light and dry soil between waterings. Your eyes will tear up at how much cleaner and fresher your home’s air will be! 


These are a great plant for beginners and certified green thumbs alike! They can definitely be neglected and under-watered. They thrive indoors and outdoors, just not in cold climates. They can be bright and flashy and beautiful to behold and most only bloom once or twice in their lifetimes. They then produce little baby plants called “pups” that you can take and put into their own pots to become new, healthy adult plants and the process starts all over! After a few years, you can turn one bromeliad into a whole house-full if you’re not careful. They are excellent at helping to filter air as well.

Rubber Plants

These can help filter formaldehyde from the air and are also fairly good looking to boot. They do require more care than most of the other plants on this list, but they are still pretty easy to keep around. They just need more regular waterings and moist soil. They also need to be dusted regularly on their broad green leaves or else their filtering qualities may suffer.

We hope you enjoyed this list of great houseplants that you can use to help keep your air clean while you’re keeping everything else clean. Need a little help? Give us a call for a FREE estimate!