Time to Get Your Spring Clean On and Have a Little Fun

Spring fever? Yes, it’s that time of year to get your spring clean on. If you are feeling ready to throw open the windows and scrub the whole house down then you won’t want to miss out on how you can have a little fun while you’re at it. Here are a few tips that could help make spring cleaning a little more fun this year.

Crank up the tunes

Yes, music can make cleaning more fun and even put you in the mood to clean. A little good music can go a long way. Cleaning can be monotonous but singing, dancing, and twirling to the music can put some pep in your step. So, don't be afraid to crank up the music while you clean.

Spring Clean Challenge

Determine how many days you’d like to make your challenge. You can pick anywhere from three to thirty days if you’d like.  Then break your home into various areas and create a to-do-list for each area. Then tackle one area each day or a few tasks in each area daily for a set number of days until you’ve completed the challenge. Don’t overthink it! The key to the Spring Clean Challenge is to help you tackle your to-do-list while still having fun no matter how many days needed to complete the challenge.

Roll the dice to pick a task

Make a checklist of the different tasks you need to do, like making your bed, throwing out the trash, and putting away your clothes. Number the items and roll a die. Then, do the task that matches the number on the die. Who knows what task you’ll get next? For a checklist that has more than six items, roll a pair of dice. If you get a number that you’ve already done or one that’s not on your list, roll again until you do.

Make it a race

Set a timer and see if you can get whatever you are cleaning sparkly clean before it goes off. Try to beat your time from last week or have a cleaning race against someone else in the house to see who finishes first. Ready, set, clean!

Plan a party

If having company is usually the best motivation to get you to clean, plan a party for the following weekend to spur you on. The party will be your reward.

Break up cleaning into smaller tasks and reward yourself for each one

Different tasks might include making your bed, folding your clothes, picking up toys, and vacuuming the floor. Focus on conquering one task at a time and give yourself a mini reward after each one. Don’t forget to give yourself a final reward once you’ve accomplished your entire spring clean to-do-list.

Make it a workout

Cleaning can be good exercise. Outdoor chores like raking, cleaning out the flower beds, pressure washing, and window cleaning can build up your biceps. Do squats by cleaning baseboards, stretches by cleaning the tops of door casings, and burn calories by moving furniture to vacuum behind it. 


Now that you’ve got a little inspiration hopefully your spring cleaning can turn into loads of new fun. After all, we know how laborious chores can be. Yes, it’s a dirty job, but someone must do it. So even if after all these ideas and tips, your home cleaning still seems like an overwhelming task, you may just want to consider hiring a professional. Have a wonderful spring!