Baking a pie or any other confection for Thanksgiving takes a lot of talent and special skills, not to mention valuable oven space. Why not have the best of both worlds and save yourself some baking hassle and also support a local business impacted by this year’s events? That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the Treasure Valley’s top locally owned and operated bakeries so that you can find the perfect holiday treat for you and your family. Heck, why not just skip the turkey and stuffing madness altogether and just order yourself a giant custom cake or chocolate pie? Maybe 2020 is a “dessert first” kind of year? It’s up to you! Here are your bakeries. 


Flour Child - 10668 W OVERLAND

You don’t have to be a hippie to enjoy their great flavors and designs. Flour Child is a custom cake studio that does so much more than just giant cakes. They can do cupcakes, shaped macarons, cake cups, pies, and ice cream sandwiches, and much more! Contact them for custom pricing for what you’re looking for. They even offer gluten free and vegan options! 


Wildflour Bakery - 304 E 42nd St., Garden City

Yes, another flour pun based bakery, but they are both excellent choices! Wildflour bakery offers fresh baked cookies, scones, and muffins daily. They also are stocked in local stores like the Boise Co-Op, Winco Foods on Myrtle and on State Street, and at the Whole Foods in Boise. Stop by their storefront for some morning coffee and fresh goodies or check them out in a local grocery store!


Amaru Confections - 217 S Roosevelt St, Boise

Amaru Confections has been around since 2000 and has been a family favorite ever since. They offer a wide variety of custom cakes and confections and pies! They offer a traditional pumpkin pie, apple pie with lattice crust, and a devilish cinnamon roll pie that is basically one giant cinnamon roll. They also offer gluten free and vegan selections. Amaru also delivers within 200 miles of Boise, so you don’t even have to leave your house to enjoy their goods. 


Boise Cakery - 5159 N Glenwood St in Garden City

The Boise Cakery offers just about everything that the other bakers are offering, but with a grand exception: They have an incredible Thanksgiving pie sale! They offer a wide selection of pies including Grandma’s peach cobbler, maple pumpkin pie, piled high apple pie, triple berry pie, and pear butter pie! Put in your Thanksgiving order today right on their website. 


Vagabond Bakery - 1726 W. Main St. Boise

Vagabond Bakery specializes in personalized cake balls for small and large events. You heard it right. They JUST do cake balls, also known as cake pops. They can do custom decorations tailored to fit your special occasion or event, or you can choose from their wide variety of pre-made options. They deliver as well. Just fill out their handy online order form and they will drop your custom hand made cake balls in the mail. If you want to try before you commit to a whole dozen, (their delivery minimum) you can find their cake pops at One Haute Cookie in Garden City.