Summer is a great time to focus on those hard to clean areas of your home. For example, screen doors, gutters, outdoor grills, windows, etc. Staying on top of your to-do list this time of year helps ensure your home stays clean so you can find time to enjoy the warmer weather and longer evenings without worrying about the grime.  Here is a list of items that you may consider cleaning this summer because it’s either that time of year or certain things get a little more use during the summer months.


  • Outdoor Cleanup: Work on small projects around the house like pulling weeds from your flower beds or garden. Other projects might be cleaning out the garage or the garden shed. This could be a great opportunity to offer your kids or grand kids some extra cash for a few minor but helpful chores or projects.


  • Clean Your Gutters: Be sure to clean out your gutters or hire a professional. Keeping your gutters clean and free of debris helps protect your roof and is much more fun to do in the summer sun instead of in the cold and wet fall weather. 


  • Windows/Screens: Check to see if you need to replace windows or screens because it’s a great time of year to do that. Also make sure to double check that your screens don’t have holes in them so bugs, flies, or mosquitoes can't find their way into your home especially if you have your windows or doors open. This is an easy time of year to take your screens off the window and clean them. First, you’ll want to vacuum the dust and dirt with a shop vac and then spray them with the hose. You can even use soap and water if necessary. Keeping your screens clean will help remove dust and pollen that builds up over time.


  • Window Treatments: Summer is a great time of year to take your drapes and curtains outside to be aired out. Window treatments should be cleaned at least a couple of times a year to remove dust and dirt and air out stale odors. If you have blinds you can even dust and wash them with water for a good clean. Just be sure to read the care instructions as you may not want to use certain types of cleaners on your blinds. 


  • Clean Your Grill: Take a look at your barbeque grill. It will likely need a good cleaning after either sitting dormant for the past several months or because you are using it more frequently now that summer is here. Brush away the cobwebs and use a specially formulated grill cleaner to wipe away the grime. Be sure to use rubber gloves to protect your hands from both the grill grime and the cleaning products. 

  • Patio and Outdoor Furniture: Sweep your patio or deck and even consider pressure washing it to remove dirt and food that builds up over time or may have been dropped during your last BBQ. Also, spray off your patio furniture to keep it free of dirt and dust. Keeping a clean patio helps ensure spiders and ants don’t find a new cozy home during the summer months.

If summer plans have you too busy to keep your house as clean as you would like it, give us a call. At 208 Cleaning Co., we don’t cut corners, we clean them! We wish you a wonderful summer filled with fun in the sun!