Spring cleaning is an opportunity to clear out the old, get those hard to reach places clean, and get ready for spring and summer fun. While we all know we are happier and healthier in clutterless clean spaces, the part of actually doing the cleaning never sounds that much fun. If getting your kids to do their part and get into the cleaning spirit is more torture than the cleaning itself, you are not alone. Cleaning and chores are commonly listed as the things kids dread most. Spring cleaning does not have to be a household war, here are some tips and tricks to get your kids into the cleaning spirit.

Flip the Script!

We have seen the commercials and shows portraying cleaning as punishment, and possibly even remember considering cleaning torture when we were kids too. There is no reason why we cannot flip the script on this and change the narrative to a more positive tone. Being excited about cleaning and speaking about it in a positive way can do a lot to start to change attitudes. Call it a cleaning party and get some favorite snacks and drinks or order in some pizzas. Will this immediately make kids love the idea, who knows, but it will definitely show them that you are trying to make this a fun activity and that can go a long way in shaping positive attitudes. 

Turn on the Tunes!

Time to try out that sound system. Turn off the TVs, this is normally too distracting for anyone to get something done, and tune into the music! Let your family of cleaners take turns picking the music so that everyone gets a chance to hear the songs that get them motivated. This is a chance to get hip to the new tunes and maybe even turn your kids onto the classics. Your behavior is a model for them, so show them how to dance and clean, be prepared to be laughed at and maybe even learn a few new moves from the kids. 

Everything is a Game!

Family fun through game play is a great way to keep cleaning fun and get the job done. Literally everything can be a game. You have to polish the furniture to keep furniture zombies away. It's not cleaning under the bed, it's Treasure Hunting! Compete to see who can match the most socks when doing laundry. Cleaning tag is when you have to pick twenty things then you get to tag the next person while they pick up twenty things. Cheer each other on and stretch your creativity making every aspect of cleaning a game. 

Get the whole family involved in the cleaning, it's a cleaning party so make sure everyone is invited! When it's a job for just one or when some of the family does not participate it feels less like a party and more like a punishment. Take some planned breaks for a sweet surprise or treat. Finally, remember that your behavior models good behavior for them, yelling at the kids to get to work is not nearly as effective as starting the party yourself and modeling for the kids how to have fun and clean at the same time.