Here’s a great checklist to help you get a jump on your outdoor spring cleaning chores this year!


First thing’s first. Take a heavy plastic trash bag and a smartphone (or notepad) with you and walk the perimeter of your property. Pick up any trash or debris you see and pop it in the bag. Look at your fence line and inspect every sprinkler head and fence post. Are there missing or damaged areas around the fence? Has one of your sprinkler heads been damaged or leaking? Are there too many dandelions or other weeds cropping up in your lawn? Have gophers moved in? Look around everywhere from the outside in and note everything that may need fixing, replacing, or upkeep. This will help you plan and structure your cleaning schedule for the spring and fall. 

Clean Top To Bottom

Just like washing an elephant for the circus, you always start top to bottom. Take a look at your home’s gutters and eaves. Are there cobwebs or bird nests or hornet colonies? Take some time to clean and rinse your gutters, replace any damaged roof tiles, and sweep and repair the area under your eaves. While you’re at it, you might as well take the garden hose and spray off the outside walls of the house. 

Lawn Duty

For this section, there is a tried and true method of getting your lawn back into fighting shape. Here’s a quick sketch of how to do it:

  1. Rake up any leaves that may have blown in from the neighborhood and throw them in the compost
  2. Clean up dog droppings
  3. Clear out any clutter/toys/trash in the lawn
  4. Break out the lawn mower and mow front and back to medium length for the first trimming
  5. Trim the edges and any stragglers
  6. Treat with weed and seed as needed
  7. Water any dead or scorched patches
  8. Blow (or sweep) any excess trimmings that are along the edges
  9. Sit back and enjoy a nice cold beverage and enjoy your new lawn!

Weed and Replant Flower Beds

It’s high time to finally break out the weeding gloves and tear out those little suckers this year. You’ll want to put on some rockin’ tunes while you’re at it to make the time go by faster. 

Pay Attention To Your Patio

Check to see if any of your patio furniture needs any replacing or fixing. Wash and dry your patio surface and spray and dust your furniture while you’re at it. Maybe it’s time to get that new outdoor lounger you’ve always been wanting? Or a new fire pit perhaps? Spring cleaning is the time to do it!

Barbeque Clean Up

Dust off and scrape your bbq grill. Make sure to clear out all the old charcoal buildup and check for wasps and hornets and other bugs that may have made a home there during the off season. Soak your grill top in a bucket with warm water and dish soap and scrape down with a wire brush. 


We hope that you can use this handy guide to get you going and get your yard in full swing this year! While we’re all at home, it might as well be fun!