Spring is here, finally! The days are getting longer and the weather is getting better. Birds are coming back and filling the air with song and flowers are poking their colorful heads out of the ground for the first time since fall. It’s the time of year for hope and fun and above all else, cleaning.  We’ve been putting it off long enough, but it’s time to crack our knuckles and get ready to do the dreaded yearly task of “Spring Cleaning.” Whether you’re working from home or at the office, you’ll want to check out these office focused spring cleaning tips that you can start doing today!

Organize. Divide. Then Conquer.

Before you dive right into cleaning everything, you’ll want to make sure that once things are actually cleaned and put away, that they stay organized and sorted properly so that you can avoid a mess piling up in the future. Designate parts of your desk and/or working space for different storage goals. For example, have the top left corner of your desk be the “office supplies” area so that all of your pens, paper clips, and stapling supplies are kept there and maybe reserve the top drawer on the same side for extra supplies. Then you can dedicate the top right part of your desk to things like personal items, snacks, or even a plant. Make sure that every area of your workspace has a purpose and that things within that area are actually fitting within that designation. If not, then you’ll have to clean it up and get it out of there. Set yourself up for success: First you organize, then you clean.

Clean Those Neglected Areas.

When was the last time you cleaned out your trash can? Not just emptied your trash can, but actually took the whole thing and cleaned it down with warm water and soap? Look around your office space and really think as to what you have been cleaning the least often or not at all. You may be surprised. Here are some examples of not so often cleaned things and areas that you may want to disinfect and wipe down during your spring cleaning rampage this year:

  • Trash can 
  • Your office chair
  • Your mouse pad
  • The back of your computer monitor
  • Your actual computer box or tower
  • The underside of your desk
  • The insides of your desk drawers
  • The outsides of your desk cabinet storage space (if applicable)
  • Your cell phone charging cord (you touch it every day, so it should be disinfected often)

Think Beyond Your Desk Space.

Spring cleaning at the office doesn’t just have to be about your immediate work area. Look around your office and see if there is another area like the conference room or breakroom or meeting area that might need some attention. If you took 15 or 20 minutes this year and wiped every contact surface down and disinfected the high traffic areas, then you could be really doing yourself and your fellow employees a favor. 

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