The birds are chirping, the grass is getting greener, and the days are longer. Spring is finally upon us! For many of us spring signals the time to freshen up, clean out, and dust off. Spring cleaning is important for all of the spaces that we live in, that includes our office spaces. Many of us spend a large chunk of our lives in our offices, that is why it is so important that like your homes, your office gets a thorough clean up a couple of times a year. The dust and grime that can build up are not healthy and can lead to unproductive days. Here are some helpful tips for getting your work spaces cleaned up and healthy. 

Communicate and Plan

Most of us do not work in office spaces alone. When organizing your spring cleaning be sure to communicate with your other office mates. Providing everyone with an opportunity to take on a part of the responsibility builds community and helps create an equitable environment. Communicating the plan to clean also ensures that you are not using a cleaner that a team member may have an allergic reaction to. 

Clear Out

A big part of spring cleaning is getting rid of the clutter. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to get rid of old office clutter that is outdated or unused. You can donate your unwanted, unused items to a local school or non-profit. Clearing out also means clear out all of the furniture and desks and clean behind and under and around. This is an opportunity to reorganize the furniture or office layout to give a new look and feel to your old workspace. 

Keep it Fresh

Fresh air is important all year long and the spring clean is a great time to reinforce that. If you have air purifiers now is a great time to check the filters to clean or replace them, a clogged filter is not doing much filtering of the air. The best way to keep your air pure and create an awesome office environment is with plants. Spring cleaning is a great time to add some plants to the office or repot and fertilize your existing plants. Finally, fresh air is best when it is free of scents. Avoid using perfumed or scented cleaners or air fresheners, you could cause an accidental allergic reaction or just make the office smell unpleasant. 

A clean office promotes healthy working so when you are planning spring cleaning in your office remember to involve the whole team, get in all the hard to reach corners and don't forget about keeping the air clean too. While we call it spring cleaning now, this type of deep clean should happen in your office 2-4 times a year. Now, if spring cleaning isn't your thing, or if you and your team are just too busy to add cleaning onto your agenda- the team at 208 Cleaning are here to help. With professional staff that can accommodate your schedule, we make deep cleaning your office stress free. Get in touch with our team today to start a regular cleaning schedule or a once in a while deep clean.