In the typical work week many Americans spend more time with their work colleagues than with their actual families. When you are together this much it is important to foster a good working environment so that everyone can enjoy their time working with each other as much as possible. There is nothing worse for the employee, manager, or company than a team of workers who cannot work together or dread coming into the office. One great way to build cohesion among your employees and create a strong culture is team building activities. When many people hear team building activities they instantly cringe, however, this does not need to be like an awkward episode of The Office. You can do fun and engaging activities with your team that actually do build comradery and collaboration. 

Get Active

Active days out are a great way to have a complete change from the usual time in front of the computer. A rafting trip along one of Idaho’s rivers is a great way to get your team working together and building memories that will last the year. There are several great climbing gyms and jumping parks that offer your team a chance to try something new and push themselves. Other benefits of an active team building day out are reinforcing health and fitness as a part of the company culture as well as building trust and connections amongst your staff.

Get Creative

Creative team building events give your staff a chance to show their creative side or try something they haven't done before. A paint and sip party gives your team a chance to show off their individual creativity and build on the premise that everyone has their own way of seeing things and doing things. A tie dye party can be a wonderful opportunity to create something wearable that unites your team and provides a chance to show them that you might not know how things will turn out until you try. 

Give Back

Signing your team up for a volunteer event is a wonderful way to show your team how important community and philanthropy is to your work culture. A day spent building with Habitat for Humanity, cleaning a park, or painting a house are all awesome ways to build community in your team and make people feel really good about where they work and themselves. Reinforce how your team needs to be selfless when working with others by participating in a selfless volunteering activity.

When planning your event keep in mind timing. Just after or just before taking on a big project is a great time to unite your team. Tie the event to your company philosophy and core of your work. You want your team to have a great time, but it is also important for them to consider how this activity ties in with their job and work relationships. Finally, you don't need to be the boss to suggest a team building event. If you feel like things are off, or that you could use more cohesion, suggest to your leaders a team building event to bring everyone back together and on the same page.