The fall leaves are beautiful to look at, but are a pain to keep off your lawn and out of your house once fall hits. Here are some ways you can keep the leaves outside where they belong without breaking the bank!

Make Pets Wear Outfits On Walks

Pets are one of the top sources for tracking in dirt and grime and especially leaves. To help with this you can put a light jacket or coat on your dog each time they go outside for a walk or to help you with yard work. Just take the jacket off before they come back in and that will keep the leaves from building up on their fur. Also check their paws before they come back in from each trip outside. 

Adopt A (Temporary) No Shoe Policy

It may not be a big deal in the spring and summer but in the fall it can be tough to keep up with all of the junk that people track into the house on their shoes. This is especially true if you have carpet close to the front door or main walkways in your home. To help with this, adopt a strict “no shoe” policy and have everybody take their shoes off before coming in the house. You can even set up a convenient shoe drying rack and storage area for boots and shoes used during the winter months. Your carpet will thank you!

Change Or Upgrade Doormat

Besides a “no shoe” policy, your doormat is going to be your first line of defense in the battle of leaves and dirt. Make sure that you have a really sturdy and large one that people can use to scrape caked on mud and leaves off their shoes before they enter to take them off. You can always swap it out in the spring for a less robust one!

A Quick Checklist For Yard Maintenance In The Fall

  • Clean out gutters and downspouts
  • Trim branches and bushes of excess or in the way limbs
  • Rake leaves and throw them out or use them for compost
    • Alternatively, you can mow your leaves up and bag them during your last mow of the season, whichever you prefer
  • Drain hoses and shut off exterior water
  • Blow out sprinklers
  • Check windows, doors, and garage door for broken seals and fix where necessary
  • Drop a layer of fertilizer and/or weed killer combo on your lawns
  • Put away any garden tools, hoses, accessories
  • Prep your deck or back porch for winter by putting away summer furniture and storing barbeque equipment
  • If you have a wood pile, make sure it is winterized and not exposed to moisture

That’s about it! If you can get through all or most of this list this year then you’re already ahead of the game.