It’s sometimes difficult to keep up with all the house cleaning chores. You might be able to stay on top of vacuuming and mopping but what about those tricky to clean places? Trouble areas like screen doors, air vents, and garbage disposals can be hard to keep clean. It seems these tasks take too much time and effort to tackle more than once a year. Not anymore! Take a look at our handy tips that make cleaning trouble areas a breeze.


Screen Doors

Over time, our screen doors accumulate all kinds of dust and debris. Rather than take every window screen off to clean with a hose, consider letting a lint roller do the hard work. Simply run a lint roller over the screen on both sides and you will quickly see a difference. Using this trick every few months will save you from having to power wash these screens every time you want a clearer view.

Window Tracks

Speaking of windows, when was the last time you cleaned your window tracks? Window tracks accumulate a lot of tough grime and it is hard to scrub this tight area. Next time you want to clean the grime out of you window track, use white vinegar, baking soda and a toothbrush to eliminate years of dust and dirt.


Glass Shower Doors

It can get tiring, scrubbing the soap film and hard water build-up off glass shower doors. Using a mixture of half water and half vinegar cleans and eliminates hard water stains on your windows. Try and stay away from harsh bathroom cleaners. They are full of chemicals and not fun to breathe in.

Clogged Sink

If your sink is starting to drain a little slower than you would like, sprinkle some baking soda down the drain and follow it up with equal parts vinegar. The foaming reaction will clear up many blockages that prevent water from draining. After about 10 minutes, run some hot water down the drain to clear away any excess baking soda.


Coffee Pot

Many of us don’t think about cleaning our coffee pot water reservoir, but we should. An easy way to eliminate any lingering bacteria in the reservoir is to run water and a couple tablespoons of vinegar through your coffee maker. Once the solution has made its way through the machine, fill the reservoir again with only water and run the coffee maker a second time to wash out any hint of vinegar.


Anyone else notice a trend in most of these tips? Vinegar and baking soda are great cleaners that are both cost effective and safe to have in the house. These simple tips will not only save you time but will make it easier to keep your house sparkling clean. You no longer need to fear the hard to clean places and can use that extra time to relax and enjoy your clean house.


If you want even MORE time off to relax, give us a call. We can come in and get those tough to clean chores done for you. Remember, at 208 Cleaning Co., we don’t cut corners, we CLEAN them! Contact us to get a quote today!