These days more than ever there seems to be an ongoing feeling that there is so much that is out of our control. The past year has taught us not to take anything for granted, from toilet paper on store shelves to having open schools and parks. The one place we do have the most control is our homes. The last year has seen a complete evolution in our homes as they have transformed from our happy dwellings to our offices, schools, and sourdough experimentation labs. If there is one spot in the home most families dread having to take control of or organize- its our kid’s rooms! As bunk beds have turned to classrooms many parents are near throwing in the towel. Getting our kids rooms cleaned and organized is important not just for their physical health but also their mental health. 

We are here to tell parents not to give up hope on having a clean kids room. With the help of these tips you can stop worrying about the monsters under the bed and the moldy bread in the closet and make a space that both you and your kids love. 

Get Your Kids On Board

Starting the battle to clean with fighting and arguing with your kids is no way to get the job done, and trying to do it all on your own really isn't helping anyone in the long run. To get them on board from the start we recommend going through their room with them. Ask them what they think they need and want so that they can have the room they want. This is a great opportunity to also let them know the particular messy spots that are the bane of your existence. This conversation will help you make a plan together.

Out With the Old!

Ask your kids to take you on a tour of their room. While walking through your kids room with them it is a prime opportunity to highlight things that they may no longer want. Asking them if they are still into certain toys and belongings can open the door to rooting out some of your kids old favorites that they have outgrown. Decluttering spaces is key to making them more livable and less stressful, but it is important to give them an opportunity to make decisions on what goes and what stays. 

Everything OUT!

Even if you cannot come to an agreement on what stays and what goes in the battle to get organized, you should do a thorough cleaning of every room at least every six months. That means getting everything off the shelfs and out from under the bed and giving your kid’s room a deep cleanse. In the process of moving things in and out you might also come across a couple things that never need to be moved back in, a great chance for your kids to go through all of their stuff.

There are a few people out there who love to clean and organize, then there is the rest of us! No matter how much we dread it, getting our kid’s rooms clean and organized is important and sets them up for success in school tomorrow and many years down the road. Having your kids on board with the mission from the start and making choices on what they want and what they don't will make for an easier process down the road. And even if delightfully cluttered and a little whimsically messy are both you and your kid’s style, remember to get the dirt, dust, and bacteria cleaned out at least a couple times a year- this is crucial to supporting a healthy household. Good luck parents!