Here’s the scoop. We often see that the backyard shed or the deep corners of our home office are the most clutter free and well organized parts of the entire property. Why’s that? Because they are the most rarely used. It’s easy to keep a space organized when you only access and use it three or four times a year. What about our kitchens? Good luck keeping that organized because we are in there messing things up and grabbing things literally hundreds if not thousands of times each year. Instead of starting the year with a messy kitchen and extra stress because of it, we can help you start the new year with a fresh and organized kitchen area and a new perspective on how to keep it that way. New year, new you, right? Let’s get started!


Can The Messy Canned Goods (For Good)

One of the biggest mess and organization complaints we see when it comes to kitchens is about how to organize canned goods. When you stack them in your cupboards or pantry, the labels of the first row are only visible, and if you have multiple brands or multiple types of canned goods, it’s easy to lose them in the jungle of smooshed together cans that all look the same from the top. The solution? A stackable can rack organizer. With a simple wire or plastic multi-row organizer, you can store all of your canned goods on their side in multiple suspended rows that ensures that the labels of each can are in plain view so you can grab what you need without having to rifle through your entire can collection before every meal. Something like this can be purchased from Amazon for about $15.


Hack Your Cupboards And Pantry With This Simple Trick 

One of the main reasons we get so much clutter is that we don’t have enough storage to fit all of the things we need to have on hand. One way you can significantly add to your storage capacity is by taking a clear plastic shoe organizer that is built to hang from your closet and put it on the inside of your pantry or cupboard door. That way you can store spices, miscellaneous cooking utensils, and even canned goods without having to remodel your kitchen to add more space. Something like this can be purchased for about $8. 


Go All Marie Kondo On Your Kitchen

Let’s face it. Who can really say that every item in their kitchen really “sparks joy”? Kitchen and cooking items are some of the most commonly gifted items each holiday season, so it stands to reason that many of the items taking up valuable space in your kitchen are things that you didn’t even buy yourself. Gas up or charge your car, grab some extra moving boxes, and spend an afternoon going over every single item in your kitchen and pick it up. If it immediately sparks joy or is something that you use all the time, then keep it. If it doesn’t, then drop it unceremoniously into the moving box. When you’re all done, take the boxes and load them up and drive to your local 2nd hand store donation center and give them new life there. You will appreciate it and you can feel good about clearing up your kitchen clutter and doing something good for your fellow neighbor. 


Have a great and organized New Year!