If you’re snowed in during the winter months and your kids are going crazy with boredom, then there is hope for you yet! There are so many fun things to keep them entertained during even the most dreary snow days as long as you have a little imagination and inspiration. If you are stuck indoors due to bad weather or a sudden blizzard, you don’t have to be bored or just plopped in front of the TV. Let’s look at some fun winter themed activities you can do with your kids around the house using (mostly) everyday common household items.


Decorate For The Holidays!

Kids are naturally creative and love to have their artwork on display. Why not have them help decorate the house for the holidays? This will help keep them entertained and will brighten up your house in the weeks to come.


Make homemade snowflakes

Start small by taking out some white paper (either construction paper or even just plain old printer paper) and have them fold it several times and then have them cut out their own beautiful snowflakes! Here is a great tutorial for making festive paper snowflakes from Martha Stewart herself: https://www.marthastewart.com/266694/decorating-with-paper-snowflakes


Build your own Christmas ornaments

You can even decorate the tree by making your own themed Christmas ornaments! There are many ways to do it, but all you really need is some paper, markers or crayons, and a piece of string or twine. Have your kids draw a small picture on a piece of paper about the size of a three by five notecard. Once the picture is complete, they can punch a hole in a corner and tie a string around it and hang it on the tree. They can even create a series of ornaments to put around the tree in multiple places! 


Make popcorn decorations

Popcorn garlands are a fun and festive way to decorate your house and tree for the holidays. All you’ll need is some string or fishing line or yarn, a few needles, and lots of popcorn! It can technically be any kind, but plain or lightly salted works best because it is not covered in oily butter or flavorings. Simply attach a needle to a long piece of string and then pop a bag or two of popcorn. Have your kids take pieces of the popcorn and poke the needle through the center and pull it towards the end of the string. Once their string is full you can tie the ends together or knot it up and then hang it around the tree or on a wall. Fun and easy!


Bake and decorate delicious cookies

One of the best ways to keep your little ones entertained and interested is by bribing them with the prospect of sugar. If you’re snowed in, that may be the perfect time to crack open grandma’s old recipe book and try out an old favorite recipe or put a twist on something new. The sky’s the limit! Cookies are a perfect way to pass the hours on a winter day because they take time to build, bake, and then decorate. You can have your kids go wild designing and decorating simple sugar cookies or ginger cookies with all sorts of fun colored frostings and flavors. At the end of all the fun, everyone gets a delicious treat! What better way to beat the winter blues than that?


We hope you enjoyed our winter fun tips. Let us know what you like to do around the winter time to keep your kids from bouncing off the walls. Have a great holiday season!