The sun is finally out!  To many people spring and summer in Boise are the best time of year. Boise is full of opportunities to have fun adventures with your family as well as learn about the history and natural wonders of our area. Here is a list of a few of the best ways to get outside, enjoy nature, and learn a thing or two as a family about this great area that we call home. 

MK Nature Center

Easily accessible along the Boise Greenbelt, the MK Nature Center is 4.5 acres of thoughtfully landscaped and constructed outdoor space. You can learn about native plants and animals that are abundant in the area and see the life of local fish through the underwater viewing windows. Learn while you walk along the trails and see some of Idaho’s natural beauty.

World Center For Birds Of Prey

Come see the magnificent birds of prey at the World Center for Birds of Prey conveniently located 15 minutes from downtown Boise. The Velma Morrison Interpretive Center is the Peregrine Fund’s one-of-a-kind indoor/outdoor education center where you and your kids can meet eagles, owls, vultures, hawks, and falcons from around the world. The visitor center is open year round and they feature special events like the release of California Condors back to the wild. Learn about the efforts to preserve these birds and their habitats for generations to come.

Old Idaho Penitentiary

When the “Old Pen” first opened in 1872 it welcomed the west’s most hardened criminals. Today it serves as an incredible trip back in time to learn about the life and workings of an old prison. Set against the beautiful foothills there is a great deal to learn about Idaho’s history and prison life. The fully interactive experience allows you to enter an old cell, see what solitary confinement was like and get a sense of the day to day life of prisoners from a century ago. 


Joe’s Urban Meeting Place (JUMP) is an oasis of activity and fun for the whole family right in the heart of downtown Boise. Enjoy running around the large lawn. Get a feel for Idaho’s important agricultural history from informative displays of the tools and machines that our agricultural history was built from. Put your balance and agility to the test on the three story net structure known as the climber. Cool down under the multi-colored misters and slide down five stories on the giant spiral slide. They also host events all year long so make sure to check out their calendar!


From natural history to cultural history there are many opportunities to learn while having fun as a whole family in Boise. See and learn about plants and animals in their natural habitats. Learn about Idaho’s past through cultural experiences that are both fun and fascinating. These are just four of the many opportunities we have to get outside and have an adventure full of fun, excitement and maybe even a little learning too. We hope these ideas inspire you to share some of Boise’s adventurous and educational opportunities with your family soon.