Fall is here and it’s time to jump into those yearly HVAC cleaning and maintenance tasks. They may not seem very fun at the outset, but doing these every year can save you money and help to increase the value of your home. Let’s dive into our list of yearly fall HVAC maintenance and cleaning tips.

Tuck The AC Away For The Winter

Once the temperatures start to drop and stay down, then you will be running your AC unit less and less or have stopped running it already. To keep your outdoor AC unit running properly year after year, you’ll want to do these things to it in order to keep it working at peak efficiency. 

  1. Inspect your AC unit and the area around it. Clear out any debris, dirt, or trash that may have collected around the outside intake fan or filter. Clear plants and trash away from the immediate area around the unit. About 12 inches around each side should do.
  2. Change your AC’s filter.
  3. Schedule an inspection for the late spring to ensure that your AC will be in good shape for when you need it again.
  4. Inspect your refrigerant lines. Look for leaks, cracks, wear, and rust. Schedule an appointment with a professional if you see anything out of place.
  5. Cover your AC unit with a watertight cover that will help keep moisture and insects out during the winter.

Take Your Heater For A Test Run

Before you actually need to, you should consider firing up your furnace in order to see if it is still working properly and to identify any possible problems before the dead of winter sets in and your local HVAC crew is booked solid. 

  1. Schedule a combustion efficiency test for your furnace system. This will tell you if your furnace is operating at an efficient level. It will tell you if you are spending too much money on running an inefficient furnace all the time in order to heat your home. It can also tell you if your furnace is putting out too many unburnt combustibles into your family’s home which can impact lung health. 
  2. Install new reflective paneling between your furnace and the wall to help reduce heat loss.
  3. Check pipes and make sure they are properly insulated
  4. Change your furnace filter
  5. Check for any cracks or leaks around your furnace area and get them repaired as needed

Clean Out Your Dryer Vent And Ducts

The fall is the perfect time to inspect and clean out your dryer vent and outbound ducts. Dryer lint fires are a real problem in the US and can be easily avoided. Start by disconnecting your dryer and inspecting the dryer duct area around where it connects to the dryer. Clean out that area thoroughly and securely reattach it to your dryer. Make sure there is no condensation or mold as that could lead to bigger issues down the road. Next, go outside and inspect your dryer vent cover. Is it properly installed? Does it have excess debris or insect damage? Remove the vent and clean out any lint buildup around the area. You may also want to run a long cleaning brush through your entire duct if you notice a lot of lint buildup within the air ducts. Replace your vent and upgrade to a new vent if necessary.

While it may be pumpkin spice latte season it is also the perfect time to clean, inspect, and repair your home’s HVAC system which can save you time, money, and trouble down the road if you take the time to knock it out now. Good luck and stay warm out there!