Idaho is such a great place for small to medium sized businesses! We have a wonderful entrepreneurial spirit and our amazing populace love to support local over international brands. From large to small, 208 Cleaning Co. can help you with all of your commercial cleaning needs. Hiring a commercial cleaner to clean your office is a great idea that can help you expand your bottom line and improve your employee morale in one fell swoop. Let’s explore why you should hire a commercial cleaning service if you haven’t already!


Impress Guests And Grow Business

One of the best benefits of having a professionally cleaned and detailed office is that when you are trying to impress potential clients by bringing them by the office for a meeting or negotiation, they can see that you run a tight ship and that your working/living space is well taken care of. Nothing scares away potential clients or investors like a dirty and cluttered office space. It can be a huge subconscious warning to them that will send them packing and over to your next competitor faster than you can say hot crossed buns. Spending the monthly costs for a professional cleaning service like 208 Cleaning Co. is a must-have on your company’s expense sheet, and for good reason. 


Good For Employee Morale

As a business owner, you don’t just have to worry about impressing potential clients and investors. You have to always be taking care of your employees and their happiness as well. Believe us when we say that employees get stressed out about a dirty office space just as much as you do and as an investor would be. If you’re able to keep your office space clean and looking sharp and professional, your employees will also be able to take pride in their work and will be able to work harder without having to worry about messes, or germs, or smells getting in their way. As a bonus, you can also increase productivity by having fewer employee sick days! Getting a commercial cleaning service is good for employees and their families too. 


Hire Better Employees

You don’t just have to worry about impressing potential investors or clients, you also have to worry about impressing potential new employees. With the unemployment rate in Idaho at historic lows, securing a new hire can be tough. As much as you’re interviewing people to determine if they’re a right fit for your operation, so to are they deciding if you are a good fit for them. The first impression of your office they have will be as they visually check out the working area that they could potentially be spending hundreds of hours in. If they see trash buildup or dirty or neglected areas, then they may interpret that as a sign that the business itself isn’t detail oriented or together in all the right ways. A good first impression of your office will be the difference between landing mediocre talent and exceptional talent. These are the people that will be driving your business to the next level, you want to make sure they are happy with the office from the get-go!


A small investment into cleaning can pay huge dividends with impressed clients and investors. Contact us today for a free estimate!