Boise has been making the news for the past ten years. We have been topping lists of best places to live for everything from active lifestyle to family friendly to safety.  We all know what we have grown famous for over the past decade and more. But how many out there really know Boise? Take this quiz and find out if you know Boise as well as you think.

We all love to float the Boise River, but did you know that there used to be a festival where lighted boats paraded down the river? The Boise River Festival ended in what year?

  1. 1996
  2. 2003
  3. 1999
  4. Y2K

In 2017, an MSN poll listed the safest cities in the world. Based on their metrics, how did Boise rank amongst the safest cities in the world?

  1. #8 safest in the world
  2. 81st safest
  3. Did not rank
  4. #1 safest

Living in Boise means that you get to be around a lot of parks. There are over 90 parks in the city of Boise. From Aldape to Winstead each park has its own unique charm. However, there is only one park that had slides coming out of its hillside? 

  1. Steward Gulch Park
  2. Oregon Trail Reserve Park
  3. Camel's Back Park
  4. Morris Hill Park

Boise is home to many industry makers and major brands. Joe Albertson sounded his grocery store in Boise and lived here his whole life. Albertsons now has over 350,000 employees around the world. What company currently employs the most people in Boise?

  1. St. Luke’s
  2. Albertsons
  3. Micron
  4. Idaho Power

According to Forbes, Boise is one of the cities with the fastest growing salaries. Where are you going to bank all that dough? Until 1902 you didn't have many choices but your mattress. What was the name of Boise’s first major bank established in 1902?

  1. Idaho National Bank
  2. City of Boise Bank
  3. US Bank
  4. Wells Fargo

Bonus Question

What is the best way to get a professionally cleaned, beautiful house in Boise?

  1. A Magic Lamp
  2. 6 hours of your Saturday
  3. 208 Cleaning Co.
  4. Moving

Well, how did you do? Did you clean up, or are you mashed potatoes? Here are the answers to find out!

  1. B. The Boise River Festival started floating in 1990 and for several years we had the biggest fireworks display west of the Mississippi. Poor management was the official cause of its closure and bankruptcy in 2003.
  2. A. We were listed as the 8th safest city in the world. We are truly lucky to live in a community with such kind and thoughtful neighbors. 
  3. C.  We really are lucky to have so many beautiful parks in our city. Back in the 80’s and 90’s Camel's Back had metal slides installed in the hillside. It was a marvel that we all survived!
  4. A. St. Luke’s is currently the largest employer in the city. Albertsons is still not too far behind coming in at 3rd place. 
  5. A. Idaho National Bank was the bank founded by C.W. Moore. There is a park named for him in the heart of Downtown Boise. 


C -  Don't give up another Saturday. A beautifully clean home is not a wish that will never come true. And no need to make the only time you really clean and enjoy a place the time when you are leaving it. Call 208 Cleaning today and see how they can transform your life with cleaning help from the pros.