Boise is a city built for enjoyment by foot. There are so many great places to walk around in Boise to enjoy the culture and natural beauty that has drawn so many people to the city and continually has us ranked among the best cities to live in. There really is something for everyone here and the walking environments are no different. 

Downtown Stroll

Enjoying Boise’s flourishing downtown by foot is the best way to get some steps in while also seeing public art, architecture, and culture. Not far from our unique shops and restaurants is the popular Freak Alley. Celebrating street art and the talent of local artists, Freak Alley has all of the cleverness and skill of Banksy coupled with homegrown creativity. Next stop: the Capitol Building. Enjoy walking through the beautifully maintained home of Idaho’s legislature with ornate marble on the interior and beautifully tended grounds on the exterior. Continue on to Boise’s Basque center to learn more about these early settlers of the region. Fine art, architecture, culture and excellent shopping makes downtown Boise a great spot for a nice enjoyable walk. 

Park Walking

Boise is home to several public spaces built for enjoyable walks where nature is protected and celebrated and people can gather for fun and recreation. The well kept walkways of Ann Morrison Park is where you can see acres of beautiful greenery and watch frisbee golf, bocce ball, tennis, soccer, and baseball all in one place. A walk around Julia Davis Park features the spectacular rose garden, sculptures, and collection of historic homes. Follow the Greenbelt to the Boise Zoo where it’s not uncommon to see the giraffes playing as you walk along the zoo's fence. Don’t miss Kathryn Albertson’s Park for its beauty and to see native wetland areas. Veterans Memorial Park is a great chance to see some beautiful old growth and walk along bridges amongst tree covered streams. No matter which park you choose, you can’t lose!

The Greenbelt

Connecting all of these singular parks and attractions is the crown jewel of Boise - The Greenbelt. Created in 1970 to connect parks and provide access to nature and the river, the Boise Greenbelt has grown into 25 miles of beautiful walking paths. From the eastern end of Boise through Garden City and Eagle, the Greenbelt is a lush tree covered path following the Boise River. Home to all types of recreation you can find nature photographers and bird lovers, river floaters and wake boarders, bikers and roller skaters, and fishing and golfing at any time of year taking full advantage of what the Greenbelt has to offer. Whether you are looking for a short stroll or a nice long walk with friends, the Greenbelt has ample opportunities to rejuvenate your body and soul. 


There is no better way to celebrate the beautiful culture, personality, and magnificent outdoors of Boise than by exploring the city on foot. A wonderful way to gain exercise at any time of year, walking in Boise is the ideal way to see the best of what the city has to offer.