Back to school. Three words kids like to hear less than “eat your broccoli” or “Disneyland is closed.” Yes, going back to school is a necessary part of growing up, but it doesn’t have to be all bad! Just in time for this time-honored tradition, we decided to put together some tips and strategies that you can deploy this year to help make the back to school transition as good as possible for both you and your little ones. Let us know in the comments how you like to gear up for back to school time each year or if there is something that we left off the list you think we should add!

Buy School Supplies Together

No, you’re not wrong. It does seem like school supplies seem to be getting more and more expensive each year, but aside from that, it can be a fun and engaging experience for you and your kids as they get ready for the new school year. Take your child to the store with you to purchase school supplies and engage with them as you pick out each item. Let them have a say in each individual supply so that they can feel a stronger connection to and appreciation for the items. They may even be excited to use their new things and show them off to their friends. This will help them more positively frame the back to school experience. 

Introduce Your Child To Their Teacher Early 

These days, about 99% of all parent to teacher information is completed online. If your school has a website that shows the names, photos, and bios of each teacher, then pull it up for your child so that they can learn more about their new teacher and what they look like. If they have some concrete information on who will be their new homeroom teacher, then it won’t be so scary and nebulous in their mind. 

Read Books To Help Prepare For The New School Year

Unsurprisingly, this is a topic that has been widely addressed in children’s literature and as parents we can take advantage of this! Here are a few books that you can pick up and read with your child that will help them better deal with their new school year anxiety.

Take A Tour Of The New Classroom

If possible, see if you can get into their new classroom a few days or weeks before school starts again. Many schools have an orientation session in which they will be able to meet their new teachers and learn about what changes the school year will have in store for them. Make sure to take your child to these orientations and to see if they can see their new homeroom before having to scout it out in the chaos of the first day back. You’ll be happy you did!

In Conclusion

Going back to school isn’t always on the top of your child’s summer fun activities list, but it doesn’t have to be a total drag either. With these things in mind and a little luck, you will make this year and every year a great back to school experience.

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