One thing is certain in this new year, and that is Going Green is going to get a big boost. From renewable energy to sustainable products the move to eco-friendly is gaining a big push. Aside from being Earth conscious and thoughtful of our environment, Going Green is just good for business. We all can play a role too, each one of us can make a difference and promote healthy sustainable living. So what are some fun and creative ways that we at home can join the movement and Go Green? We have five suggestions that are unique and fun to help you Go Green, help the planet, and have some fun along the way.

Grow Your Own Sponge

Did you know that most store-bought sponges are made from polyester? Polyester is a carbon intensive product that is made from non-renewable resources. Try growing your own sponge. The Luffa plant is an easy to grow ornamental gourd. Dry the large fruits at the end of the season and you have an all-natural and very effective sponge for washing the dishes or your body. Find seeds for spring planting here.


You’re growing some sponges so why not use your kitchen leftovers to feed your garden! A simple compost bin located in your kitchen is a clean way to gather food that would otherwise be sent to the dump. Why rob your garden of all that goodness by trashing your unused food? When starting to compost there are some important rules to keep in mind, find those and other tips here.

Get House Plants

These fun and beautiful additions to your house are great to talk to and they never talk back! Beyond the friendship they offer they will also add much needed moisture to your air helping with dry skin all while purifying the air in your home. Here is a selection of house plants that are beautiful and hearty.

Clean Green

Add some baking soda and vinegar with some warm water and you have an all-natural, inexpensive solution to clean just about anything. There are over 63 synthetic chemical products in the typical store-bought house cleaner. The good news is that most stores are now carrying all-natural cleaners; if you must buy something from the store be sure to go with the natural choice. Here are a handful of recipes for natural cleaners you can make at home.

Remember the Basics

Reuse, reduce, and recycle have all been drilled into us for years now. But do we all really know what it means to be a good steward of the environment? Do we even know how to recycle properly? It is always a good idea to refresh yourself and your family on the best practices and rules for playing your part in protecting the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency is a great resource for the latest information.

We hope you are able to utilize some of these tips to Go Green and have a positive effect on the environment and your quality of life.