Commemorating the 4th of July usually involves family, friends, kids, pets, BBQ, fireworks, and most of all lots of fun.  If you are the lucky one picked to host this year's 4th of July celebration you are probably scrambling to make sure the house is clean, the fridge is stocked, and you have enough fireworks to keep everyone entertained. Here are a few safety and cleanup tips that will have your guests saying “We can’t wait until next year’s 4th of July party!”

Tip#1 Grill/Fire pits: On the 4th of July you usually have children and pets running around the yard. Before you fire up the grill or light the fire pit, be sure that they are located in a safe spot. You’ll want to make sure it is somewhere safe where you can keep an eye on it and make sure it is not in the way of your guests or where the kids want to play. Always have water close by should you need it. 

Tip #2 Water/Pool Safety: Who doesn’t love playing in the water on the 4th of July? Make sure that kids are supervised if you have an open pool in the yard, no matter what the pool size is. Guests can get busy talking and it takes just a second for something to go wrong if kids are left unsupervised.

Tip #3 Lighting off Fireworks: Everyone enjoys lighting off fireworks. The best way to avoid an accident when lighting off fireworks is preventing one from happening from the start. Get the kids a nice blanket to sit on so they can enjoy the show and not be tempted to participate in the lighting of the fireworks. Be sure to have a bin or bucket filled with water nearby to place fireworks in after they have gone off. Don’t forget to keep a hose handy in case embers land on nearby bushes or on the roof.

Tip #4 How to Remove Stains: Most fireworks stains fade away on their own either in the hot sun or rain depending on the weather. If a stain doesn’t go away, consider power washing it. The pressure from the wash should take the stain out but be sure not to spray to close as you could chip the surface. Also, you can try to remove the stain with a cleaning solution and a scrub brush if you need too. 

Tip #5 After Party Cleanup: Opening your home up for a party means you’ll have a bit of a mess to clean up either later that night or the next day. Be sure to have garbage bags on hand, sponges, soap and water, or cleaning solutions. The more fun the party was the more likely you will have a big mess to clean up the day after. It was definitely worth it!


In closing, 4th of July festivities and parties can be fun. Just remember if you have the right safety and clean up plan in place, you’ll be prepared to deal with anything no matter the mess or chaos.  From everyone here at 208 Cleaning, we wish you a great 4th of July!